Deferred Decal Material in PC with Trim Sheets?

Hi, Im interested does PC supports deferred decal material for trim sheet materials/textures?
I have found some resources how to do it in Blender but they say game engine needs to support this kind of materials.

Thank you!

Hi @Aetrix,

Are you able to provide visual material of how that looks in Blender, and in other realtime 3D engines, when it’s rendered?

This is the resource i was following.

Nice, I understand, they are indeed super useful to provide extra detail and allow for more complex model mapping.

The PlayCanvas engine supports detail maps for the diffuse and normal material channels, which allow you to create the same effect using these decal/trim sheet maps.

Though they haven’t been exposed for use in editor, so you will have to write a script to enable them on a material.

@yaustar any idea if this is coming soon in editor?

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I don’t unfortunately. I’ve rebumpped the ticket in the Editor repo.

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