Default values of anim state graph parameters not correct

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I’m playing with the new anim state graph at the moment, and I noticed that Trigger and Boolean Parameters are not 100% correctly set to their default values. When their default value is set to be false, they are not actually false, but instead falsy, as they are set to 0.

'move' is a boolean and 'idleTrigger' a trigger in the picture below.

This might cause issues in some scenarios, and might be no problem at all in other. It this intentional?

Also, I just noticed that once I set their default value to true and then back to false, their default value appears to be set to false as expected. So there might be an issue when creating a new parameter?

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For @Elliott :slight_smile:

Hi @AliMoe,

Thanks for reporting this, it is indeed a bug! I’ll roll out a fix shortly.

Awesome, thanks :slight_smile:

The fix should be out in production now :slight_smile:

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