Default capsule collider bug

If you have default capsule colider and reduce in size to make it more flat, it starts behaving incorrectly.
This is example project. Capsule height is set to 0.16, and on editor it looks correct. But if you start game you will notice that actuall collider height is incorrect.
Editor look;

what happens in game:

Cylinder colider works correctly (left of the image). Character controller can fly while pressing E, when you press Q it will stop flying. So you can easily test the weird collider behavior.

I dont think it is a big problem, but bug is a bug and it don’t seem to be another thread about it.

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The Editor shape allows to deform the capsule the way that a physics engine cannot do. The height of your capsule cannot be less than its 2 radiuses. If your height is zero, then it will become a sphere.