Decent survival game Dev log

So basically I was playing DnD with my friend when we came across an ant that was fighting a beetle with a tiny grass sword. It became a small little inside joke with our party when eventually I had the thought: yo…that would be a dope game. So I decided to make a game where you are an ant and your main goal is to get stronger to eventually fight bigger bugs.

Right now I have a basic inventory system where you can hold and add items and a check to see what order you got items.

I also trying to make it easier to add stuff by labeling code and making it so their isn’t a set list of items and you can instead add items dynamically. Ngl that’s probably going to be a major regret later on but I fix it where I get there

Project: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

So imma start working on crafting. I want to go for more of a “if you have these items you good” type crafting instead of having to remember each step needed to craft.

I just finish making crafting. This has to be the most impressive thing I’ve done so far in this engine.

Forgot to say this but it is currently day 2


Ok so I’ve added a hotbar and a way to check what’s in your hand. Imma wait till I find a way to actually display what’s in your hand to make a release

Thanks to Jacob_McBride2 for the hotbar and apple asset.

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I have added a way to display a way what you are holding, I just need a way to define the rotation offset. But I don’t feel like doing that as of right now so I’m just going to work on item usage.

DAY 4.5

I’ve added actions to items, right now if you right click an apple it will heal you by 10 health, If you hit the tall white box with a wooden sword it will do damage to the box (it cant die as of right now) and a damage pop up will spawn

Project: ant game thing - PLAYCANVAS