Decals and difficulties

Hi guys ,
In some of my upcoming projects , i will have to implement a decal function.So users can load their logos , and this logos appear on the mesh.Then they can move,rotate and scale this logos on the model.Similar functionalities exist in babylonjs.

Example :

I didnt find any function or constructor like this in playcanvas such as createDecal().Do you have any suggestions or examples?Is there an easy way of achieving such thing in playcanvas or should i implement this function by myself?Thank you

Hi @esr_esr,

There is support for a second detail maps for most of the standard material maps which you can use to add details like decals. This isn’t exposed in the editor right now, it’s being worked on.

But you can use it in code right now, here is the relevant api:

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Ok i will check the api.But if it is doable with detailMap , positioning this map onto the object with raycast is another big problem.Maybe… Thanks Leonidas

Another possibility is the damage decal example here

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The createDecal function from Babylon sounds interesting as it creates a new mesh that is slightly offset. Not sure how the UVs and materials are set though.

Yes this is very usefull i think becuse its not necessery to write complex shader. Is it any chance playcanvas add this feature?:slight_smile:

I think potentially we could make an extension of some sort to make it easier to use but wouldn’t be able to give you a timeline on this.

I love playcanvas and its features.I’m using playcanvas for two years or more and created very creative projects in the past.Bu i think playcanvas need to implement such features like this for ease of use.

For example
new gizmoMesh(),new trialMesh(),createDecal() etc…

Cause its very time consuming and diffucult operations to implement such features by ourselves.But you , playcanvas team , it is easy to add these kind of shortcut features…
Anyway , as i said love playcanvas and i dont want to switch to another engine.So we are happy if you can add this kind of shortcut features.Thank you guys

Unfortunately, we can’t offer or prioritise every feature that every other engine has and also must focus on what we can offer that’s unique to us.

We have a preview of features coming up in this talk including a state graph controlled animation component:

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Is there any news on this topic??


There is this:

and this

which I suspect are more of examples of what can be done, vs something you can super easily just use in your project.


Thank you!

Any hint which goes in that direction is really appreciated