Dead user returns to help others or simple error in code XD

I don’t know what’s up with play canvas but I was chatting with dadiaar 2 hours ago but here playcanvas says: It’s been a while since we saw dadiaar — his last post was 10 months ago and

here you can see it was 12 hours ago And here two hours ago I’m just saying that they should fix this.

I was very scared when I read this, it already said that I was talking to a dead person xd

Hi @Ricardo_Reyes!

It means that the user was inactive on the forum for 10 months and their first post after those months is 17 hours ago. After this post, the user posted another post that is 2 hours ago.

I’m not sure what you mean by talking to a dead person?

It is a joke

Could you help me with this post?