Camera control using keyboard

Hello, could someone help me in my project, it is based on the mythical game Super Mario 64, what I want to do is make the player move the camera with some controls like y to the right and u to the left but I can’t do it, any help would be very helpful.
this is the link of my game: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

In my opinion that could go wrong at some point, it would be like having 2 sources of truth. You think a X key press will always means an X press for botht he player and the camera, so they will be aligned, but if that doesn’t happen… For example, the player has a wall in front of it, or he has died. The camera will keep moving either way.

If it’s a 2D platform with the player always in the middle, you could start by just parenting the camera to that player.

Another approach would be to make a script that accepts like argument the player, and every frame checks the camera and player’s position. With this you could lerp from cameraPos to playerPos, and also limit the movement from the scenario’s boundaries.

Good morning @dadiaar you have a good point, in case you want the player to move the camera in 3rd person how would it be?

I’ll reply tomorrow, but can you share a YouTube link for reference?

ok THIRD PERSON MOVEMENT in 11 MINUTES - Unity Tutorial - YouTube
If someone could help me here I have a playcanvas tutorial but it doesn’t work for me simply the camera is placed in a place far from the entity and I can’t move the entity any help would be appreciated

Maybe one of the example projects below can help you.