Day/night cycles for planet

I aim to enhance the visual appeal of the day/night system in my game. Specifically, during sunrise and sunset, I desire a captivating orange tint instead of the current monotonous sky color.

The screenshot provided showcases a pleasant light-blue hue, but I intend to introduce an orange hue during these transitional periods. For easy reference, please find the project editor link here.

Hi @Jacob_McBride2,

You will need most likely a custom shader for an effect like that. For an spherical atmosphere I don’t have an exact example in mind, but here are some useful links that came to mind and may be helpful:

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Thank you! This is the perfect thing I needed to tie the day and night cycles together! However, I am facing issues displaying the shader effect on the back faces. I want to see it from the view of the planet as well like this (but with the shader effect) :

but all it is displying is the outside (even when back faces are only on for the material) It might just be the shader, but if you have a way to fix this please let me know. the editor is [here]. Youre help is appreicated.(PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine).