Dat Cube my first game with PlayCanvas (Underdev)

Dat Cube is a Simple Point and click game.
the game is underdevelopment .

i released the first development version
Please Play and test on different devices and provide feedback and suggestions to improve the game.
Link : Dat Cube - PLAYCANVAS

basic point and click function implemented, with the dummy UI placeholders to test the UI adapting the different screen sizes.

this little cute guy below is the player. Say hello! :smiley:


Hi @KarthikSpace and welcome! Well done so far! I will follow your progress! :smiley:

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Thank you! @Albertos , that will be great. :slight_smile: . i still learning the PlayCanvas. I am noncoder, i am an Artist. so exploring the tutorials and examples to make this game.

can you please play and test this game on your phone? . i tested on my phone. it seems the particle trail is not working properly. on desktop its fine.

What phone do you have and what browser are you using?

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On my iPhone 12 Pro with iOS 15.2 it looks like the screenshot below. (I was unable to upload a video this time). I didn’t see the result on my laptop yet, so I don’t know if the result is the same.

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i have android device. Redmi 9 prime pretty basic 4gb phone. and i am using Google chrome

Thank you very much @Albertos , it is working fine …glad to see. i was worried.
I will just check again in my phone… maybe i should try different browser @yaustar

We’ve had some issues with specific chipsets on mobile phones and the particle system. I think this is the second report we’ve had with RedMi devices:

See: https://github.com/playcanvas/engine/issues/3460

@yaustar I hope this issue will be fixed as soon as possible. as i will develop the game further ,i might have to test quite a lot on my phone.
but, i will test on desktop and in my brother’s phone for now… My brother’s Phone has Snapdragon , it is working fine on it.

It’s really difficult bug to track down because it’s chipset specific issue. It’s unlikely we be able to fix it soon as we have already investigated it once and were unable to find the cause.

Would you be able to show a video or screenshot of the that phone running this project please? https://playcanvas.com/editor/project/823129

More information to this will help us narrow down a cause.

@yaustar Sure , here is the short video recorded on my Redmi 9 prime

Video below

Yeah, looks like the same issue as the Samsung devices, many thanks!

Dat Cube - Update (V0.002)

This version has updated Loading Screen

- Loading screen color has been changed to make it more consistent with the game color scheme.
- Loading Screen Logo , Added Game icon to the loading screen.

In Game improvements

- Improved the look of the player character cube , Added the eyes to make it look more of a character.
- Post process effects Added Bloom & vignette.

Not much improvements in gameplay

next update is going to be focused on the gameplay more.

Thank you!

Please play test the game in different devices and provide the feedback

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The link 404’d. (sad)

Because i removed the project. this game my first project to test and learn playcanvas
Thank you!