Dark theme for forum and docs

It would be nice to have a dark theme for the forum and the API docs. Most of the environments are dark themed, including PC own editor, and switching to the forum tab or opening docs is blinding, straining on the eyes. And to make it even harder, the API docs list methods and properties in light blue on white. Its very hard to spot what I am looking for, since the eyes need time to adjust.

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Forum one I can do, I might tweak the colours over time but the option is there now :stuck_out_tongue:



Oh wow! This is so much better! Thank you, @yaustar! Ah, the tranquility, my eyes rejoycing :smiley:

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Docs are going to be more work to put in a theme selector as we need to add the functionality ourselves :sweat_smile:

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The dracula theme is a bit nicer for me. Reminds me of Discord’s dark theme.

Personally I like the white theme for the forums. No clue why, because I use dark theme for everything else haha

Yeah, the white theme gives the site it’s own charm tbh.

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