Cyllinder physics

How could I correct this cyllinder in the video, because it is passing through the floor. The physics of the cyllinder isn’t right and all theese entities are very small

What does “very small” mean exactly? Without numbers, it is hard to say. I’d recommend using physics debug tool here:

It can show the physical state and whether it matches your visual meshes. Keep in mind that Ammo will not be able to resolve correctly collisions between 2 bodies that have a very large size difference.

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The informstion about the entity:
Captura de tela de 2023-11-27 09-47-10

The Ramp information:

The Table (it is a cube in different scale) information:

I will work with this debug tool, thanks for sharing it to me

Also, try to resolve that warning in your screenshot. You can separate your physics entity and visual entity, so they can have different scales (e.g. a visual entity is a child of physics entity).

Alright, I fixed. Now I was using the debug and I saw that the rigidbody of the cylinder, when it is going down the ramp, it’s a little forward of the visual entity:
Captura de tela de 2023-11-27 10-16-51
There is a problem with this?
Also the problem with the cylinder passing through the table was fixed but it still moves a little weird like the video, it continuous rolling. So I need to change the friction and restitution, right?

The visual mesh can be a little bit offset from the physical body between simulation steps. That is fine.

I can’t say why it moves like that in the video. The setup is not correct somewhere. Did you fix the scaling problem? If you create a simple repro project, someone may take a look.