Custom Text Input ignores Layers

I took the Text Input example from here

Added the Overlay layer that overlays the UI. Added an Image to the scene, set the Overlay layer for it.
But this Input is still visible through the Image.
How to make Input consider layers?

Example scene PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

That forum post is using HTML DOM elements for text input which are separate from the PlayCanvas canvas is part of the page and usually on top of the canvas.

You will need to disable/hide/destroy the HTML DOM elements when they aren’t in view.

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Are there any plans to add an InputField component to the PlayCanvas UI? If yes, when to expect?

Yes, but not in the short term. It hasn’t been scheduled yet unfortunately.

The way I would be thinking about doing it myself would be to have a general HTML DOM element show itself when you start wanting to add/edit text. That way it’s not used to render the text field contents.

Similar to this: unity3d - Unity Input fields - Stack Overflow