Custom multiplayer bodies and animations

hi so when another player joins my game it just spawns a capsule but i want it to spawn the player model and i want the player to be able to see the other players animation and movement. Im currently using the default multiplayer script.

Add the player model to the “other”

oh wait i got it sorry

now when a player joins it lags a ton and the game is unplayable

ok i fixed that but it wont play the animation when another player moves

You’ll have to go to your and make code to catch the player states, so you see the animations to

could you tell me how to do that please? im kind of new

i use the glitch thing btw

and this is my current server script

var server = require("http").createServer();
var options = {
  cors: true

var io = require("")(server, options);

var players = {};

function Player(id) { = id;
  this.x = 0;
  this.y = 0;
  this.z = 0;
  this.entity = null;

io.sockets.on("connection", function(socket) {
  socket.on("positionUpdate", function(data) {
    players[].x = data.x;
    players[].y = data.y;
    players[].z = data.z;

    socket.broadcast.emit("playerMoved", data);
  socket.on("initialize", function() {
    var id =;
    var newPlayer = new Player(id);
    // Creates a new player object with a unique ID number.

    players[id] = newPlayer;
    // Adds the newly created player to the array.

    socket.emit("playerData", { id: id, players: players });
    // Sends the connecting client his unique ID, and data about the other players already connected.

    socket.broadcast.emit("playerJoined", newPlayer);
    // Sends everyone except the connecting player data about the new player.

console.log("Server started.");

its the default code

I have no experience myself, as I’ve never made a multiplayer (or at least a good one)

oh ill just make a new thread then