Custom material asset

I know how I can render objects using custom shaders through code.

What I would like however is to be able to create a custom material for which I can have material assets and set custom material parameters through the inspector.

I don’t want the properties of the default material however, so, I don’t want it to have all these diffuse, specular, emissive etc. properties. Let’s say I only want it to have a constant base color property as well as some boolean ‘invert’ property.

Creating a shader for this is easy - but how can I create a material asset using this shader such that I can create them in my asset folder and assign them to objects in the same way I can with regular physical/phong materials?

Edit: As a comparison, in Unity I can create a new Material and select any custom shader for it, and the material will then expose only the properties of this shader through the inspector, and the properties can be serialized.