Cubemaps / reflections / skyboxes not working on iOS

Is there a reason cubemaps wouldn’t work in iOS?
We’re seeing a lot of issues with cubemaps used as skyboxes and as reflections cubemaps.

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Can you give examples of some of the issues please? Screenshots would be great as well.

Please ignore the lightmap issue, thats another glitch,
The main issues are pointed out on the models looking black in the screen shoots, those are missing reflections
I attached some screen shots of the cubemap setups, they work perfectly fine on a PC browser.

How big are the cubemaps (resolution)? Is it only on iOS or does this happen on Android as well?

I’m wondering if the resolution is too big.

It also be worth looking at the console log for errors (you need to do this on a Mac IIRC ( )

Android cubemaps /. reflections work, the issue is only on iOS.

One that;s not showing is 512 per side, a blue sky gradient thats missing only on iOS
it works fine on Android
It’s in the screenshots above, the two at the top

I would check the console logs for errors, they hopefully should be showing an error and why

I forwarded that note to my team, hopefully they can let me know.

We did the console thing with a MAC and didn’t get any errors, I put an email into the support team but haven’t heard back. We are at a bit of a standstill, has anyone else seen this issue?

Can you confirm whether this is now fixed? Thanks.

I’ll confirm on Monday hopefully. They haven’t been able to do a proper build today

So I just created an unfiltered cubemap in a project and ran it on iOS (iPhone X).

Seems to work fine.

How do I repro this problem?

Is it used as a reflection?
Could you test and see, we are running into the issue when it’s applied to glass or a mirror for instance, works find on a PC browser, doesn’t work on iOS

That seems to work fine too.

My recommendation is that you create a simple, small scene that highlights the problem for me because I can’t reproduce this.

I am going to forward this to the team and see if there is something in the build that’s out of date.

Looks like it’s fixed to me too, I’ll set something up for Monday and let you try a build to see if we are doing something wrong.

OK, sounds good. :slight_smile: Let me know how it goes.