Cubemap prefilter problem

he …
i’m working on an update for my pocketverse website and i came across something odd. there is a cubemap that i use all over the place that just disappeared. investigating the asset in library showed that it is visible again if i delete the prefiltered data, which is kinda inconvenient since i intented it to be prefiltered.

as soon as i hit ‘PREFILTER CUBEMAP’ it’s completly gone… any idea anyone?!

@slimbuck might have some ideas here

Hi @rtz23 ,

Any chance you can share an example so I can investigate?


@slimbuck can’t share the project. if you say prefiltering a cubemap is working atm i’m good. knowing it maybe my fault is helping already. it is just the plain helipad cubemap … it is gone as soon as i prefilter it. and deleting prefiltered data makes it visible again but just not filtered of course.

@slimbuck propably my fault …
works here …

@slimbuck again in my project it won’t it just stay black/disappears …

If you’re setting the environment map on the material manually (in a script), then take a look at this.


no i don’t but i could… i know which materials are using it so i can cycle through and change them on the material like in the example. think that should work. ultimately i could even go for a custom aniso using an editor of some sort. thanks so far.