Cubemap assets preloading even when "preload" is set to false

I have setup my project with a custom loader to make sure I only download certain assets when the scene that requires them is going to be open. Everything was working fine, but lately I have noticed the download size increased by a lot.

There’s a few assets that are downloading during the initial sequence, even when having “Preload” set to false, some of them seem to be related to cubemaps, but neither the textures or the cubemap iself, which is the only reference to them, have “Preload” set to true.

Any clue on what could be going on here? This is quite problematic because these assets take a huge load time that I cannot afford to have in the initial stage of the game.

Hi @mariogarranz,

Do you by any chance reference any of those textures to a material? If the material asset has the preload flag set to true then the textures will be preloaded (whatever their flag is).

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I did also remove the “Preload” flag in every single material, but even then I can confirm that the cubemap is the only element referencing them:


Is this cubemap used as the scene default skybox, in your project rendering settings maybe?

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Seems it is, I will dig into that.

Thanks for the hint! :slight_smile:

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