CTRL+Z (Undo) not working

I’m just starting to use Playcanvas. Unfortunately, the CRTL+Z shortcut doesn’t work on any of my computers, in Chrome and Edge.
Do I need to change some settings somewhere?


Hi @ren0 and welcome,

Run a quick test in a couple of projects, undo both via keyboard shortcut and using the undo button from the toolbar works as expected.

Can you try by clicking this button on the toolbar at the left side of your screen?


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The Undo button is working.
Meanwhile I have checked on 2 other computers and have the same issue.
Also checked with 2 colleagues and they experience the same.
All computers have an Azerty keyboard.
Maybe the issue is related to this one:

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Makes sense, @ren0 can you post your findings on that github issue thread?