CSS for a cursor change?

I just started with this a few…however long but that’s not what I’m here about so excuse me if I seem a little eh. I tried to change the cursor and I looked up how to change it and the website I used said to use CSS but I tried their code and… I’m not going to say it wasn’t pretty, because it wasn’t anything. The cursor was still default… can you help me on how I can fix this?
Link to website: Link

                                                                                                     -Thanks, @YoKodur :grin:

Normally you would change the cursor when it’s over an element e.g. a button.

If you would like to change the cursor app-wide, you can do something like this in your CSS:

html, body{
   cursor: pointer;

Or using javascript in a script:

document.body.style.cursor = 'pointer';
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So If I wanted to make the cursor change the whole time… Could I add an invisible element like a blank 2d screen and have that work? Or should I add a blank text box in HTML over the entire screen?

No need for an invisible element, you can use the code I’ve posted to change the cursor directly on the html/body elements.

My comment was that usually you change the cursor when you pass over a button or something.