Crosswords game - suggestion

Hi All,

As a side project, we would like to create a simple “crossword game”, with some features like a hint/autocomplete text option and PC/Mobile compatibility.

We’re at the very begining - in a “concept” phase actually - we had a quick look around, but didn’t find anything related which could be of use

Has anyone faced a similar challenge before?
Any thoughts or suggestion would be greatly appreciated!


What features/functionality are you looking for specifically?

Hi @yaustar,
nothing really special i think

Just a “plain crossword” game, with an autocomplete option (which completes a letter),
something similar to this

But usable on both, mobile and PC and with some fancy grapichs maybe :slight_smile:

We have the words, and we can generate the puzzle with the help of an online tool,
our blocker is: “How do we implement the puzzle structure on PC? making it usable on both input devices?”

As a bonus, we would like to make it multilang EN/ITA, but that can come later!

Any ideas?

Thanks as always

It sounds like you want to use the native keyboard rather than implementing your own or taking a library like (

If that’s the case, you would want to utilise a hidden text DOM element that can be used to trigger and input text to that is then copied over to an in game text element.

eg from

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