Creating the Effect of Transparent Glass and Plastic?

Hi there,

I found a very cool example of how to create convincing glass like materials in three.js:

Here’s a real-time demo showing all the pretty effects:

I would like to use such enhanced material in Playcanvas too!
Could you please integrate this feature?

I don’t care about all that animation stuff lately, but what’s really important to me is an enhancement in materials. Materials are the foundation of all and transparent materials are extremly vital when trying to mimic the reality.

Hope you can close up to the development of three.js.

Just to give an update here, we have some features in the Engine for the Standard Material that we are looking to expose in the Editor soon

Clear coat:
Anisotropic GGX Specular:
Detail maps: eg

We also have a Shader Graph Editor in closed beta to help with creating more unique shaders for materials. Looking to going to open beta with limited integration with the main Editor

Looking at the link, it appears that we are lacking ‘transmission’ compared to the three.js material.

I leave it to @mvaligursky to talk more on that as he is our rendering guru.

I do wonder if we can come close to that effect with a roughness map with something like this?

Seemore has a similar ‘ice’ effect here:

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Yes, we’re aware of this missing from Playcanvas and it’s on a list to implement. I’ve created a ticket to track this:

We have a basic tech for the refraction ready … but this needs to be integrated to the material workflow, and shaders upgraded to support required properties of it.

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