Creating On-Demand Resources IOS build

I am trying to upload my game to the Vkontakte platform. For ios, they use On-Demand Resources technology:
When I try to make a build using this technology, my game just won’t start. Although with a normal launch from a browser on my server, everything works well on iPhones.
Has anyone faced a similar problem?

What errors do you get in the developer console of the webview?

I’ve not used VK before, but from the sounds of things you may have to patch the asset loading in the Engine to work with their ODR system.

It says you don’t have to worry about it in the docs so perhaps the problem is elsewhere?

The game runs directly in the VK application as a mini-app, so I cannot start the developer’s console. The application itself displays the “Failed to load mini-app” error. As far as I understand, the loading script script doesn’t even start executing.
In the construct engine, this problem is bypassed when creating a build for playable ad. Maybe someone found a similar solution for Playcanvas?

We have a tool that can convert a game to use as a playable ad but does come with a few restrictions: Playable Ads | Learn PlayCanvas

It also is designed for 2-5MB builds as all the graphics/data is in a single file.

Thanks for your support!
IronSource Playable Ad build solved the problem.

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