Creating MMO games

can anyone help me with creating an mmo? where do I start? Here is a list of features in the game:

  1. armor types,
  2. GUI inventory,
  3. Combat,
  4. weapon Types (such as swords)
  5. trade with players/ npc shops.
  6. npc enemies.
  7. possibly pvp.

where do I even begin? What codes do I create first and what would they look like?

I recomend starting with enviroment setup.

How do I do that? I don’t know much about environment setup.

Make your textures, create the entities. Haven’t you done that before?

Yes, thanks. I also need help with setting up the combat and items system. can you give me some advice to give each weapon a damage value? When an entity collides with a weapon, how can I get it to lose health points according to the weapons damage value? Each weapon is a 3D model.

Not sure about that. I don’t know much about setting up mmos. If you find out anything about it, tell me!

Most of us who grew up as developers eventually, recall that time, of making another biggest MMO ever.
Regardless of how much I would love to make my own MMO, with experience I’ve got for coding 10+ years, I will clearly tell you: making MMO - is hell of a job for teams of 10s or 100s people.
Even only few top-class indie teams capable of making something at least a little bit MMO-ish.

The best advice:
Start small, build small games, learn small bits, technology, maths, and all other little things. When you put your knowledge together then, you wont be asking questions of “how to start”, you will know the path, but it wont be easy one anyway.

Make a little cool games, publish them, engage with community and once you get ready after few years, consider starting something little but already MMO-ish.


Or at least start with a small mmo and build over time correct?

Just MMO is already 100x complexity boost.
Small and simple games can be loads of fun too!

Hello, i have the same goal, i think developing a MMO is one of the most difficult tasks, after spending 3 years building a php mmo making an accounting program in php was like a child play. MMO need a lot of efforts and lot of problems will pop up during development, you have to think about lot of things and solve it slowly as the development goes. The balance (damage of wepons and resistence of armors) will be another difficult task. For a single developer make a MMO need years for a team it will be much faster, and i guess developer that have experience in single fields can help speed up the project itself. Example the radial menu that es6 just published can be useful to make a forging option to make own weapons.
I was thinking of making a small combat game that will be implemented in the MMO project later making the player select the character and combat against a monster (or maybe another player).

As aryin says, it’s a journey that will take you many years. If you don’t know where to start, you should start with at least half a year searching the web, reading, learning and practicing the skills and tools you need. After that you will probably have a rough idea of where to start. Then you can decide whether you have enough time and motivation to actually do it :smile:

If you really want to just get a basic MMO game up and running fast, you could try buying something like this - but you’ll be limited in how far you can go with that:!/content/51212

If u want a tool to create a mmorpg and have money to spend i guess u can try atavism, if you want try do it with playcanvas just start with player creation, just that will give you a good reference of the hardship

I’ve been looking into my own MMO development and Max aint lyin… its hard as heck man… i could help you if you want tho

have you thought thru in-game economy/ currency? take poe for instance, they got orbs and it’s quite complex at that. take a look