Creating an obstacle that will push the character out of the frame

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Hi, I’m working on a 2d game where the character needs to jump on an obstacle, or else they get pushed by it. How do I make an entity push the character out of the frame? I already tried placing collisions and rigid body, but somehow it only passes through the wall. Thank you!

Its in scene 3, you could see “ground test” and thats the obstacle/entity I want to push the character.

Hi @churiboii! I’m not sure, but the problem could be that almost all values of the player’s rigidbody are set to zero. I suggest to give it a try with other values.


This settings work but it limits the character from jumping.

You can keep the Angular Factor of the Y axis to zero.

It still limits the jump. I also tried increasing the threshold of Y axis, still nothing happened

Can you please check which change effect the jump, by setting the values back to zero one by one?

Decreasing the linear damping to zero allows the character to jump, but it goes out of the frame before even colliding with the entity.

Try a value like 0.9 for Linear Damping. You can play around with all values to see what gives the best result for you.

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