Creating a 2d loading panel only within canvas

I’m here trying to create a 2d loading screen only with playcanvas engine.
I know that there is a way to create splash DOM out of playcanvas, but it’s attaching dynamic dom to body tag.

I’m here trying to create one only within and for canvas.

Is there any simple tip for it??

BTW, I’m trying to create a loading component which rotate a png image by clock-wise

Hi @sooyong_Kim, do you need a custom loading screen like so, or a loading component within the game/project?

Are you looking for something like this where it loads assets dynamically at runtime?

If you need a circle loader UI example, here is an example of the UI side of it:

The circle loader is very close to something I need. But what I want is just put a png image and rotate it

Sounds like you just need an image UI element and rotate it every frame.

Some engine only examples here to get you going with the UI system:

Thanks a lot. I will try this~!!! :slight_smile: