Create a MMO turn base

Hello everyone, I’m a developer but new in game developer also html5 developer.
I want create a MMO game, mostly base offline where player gacha or hire some character, training them, give them weapon, learn skill.
After that, player select 4 character to clear dungeon, map, follow the story
The battle is turn base.
But i also want create a Arena, where player can fight together in real time mode.
So plz tell me is possible in Playcanvas? Ưhat third party I need?
Hav anything i need to lean? Thanks

Multiplayer is not something PlayCanvas specific.

Yet, they’ve created a nice tutorial to help you get started:

When you say offline, do you mean ‘no internet’ or ‘not playing with others’?

not playing with others, still need internet to save process and antihack

PlayCanvas would work. You would need to develop your own server and handle players profiles on a database.

There are a number of technologies you could use for the server side, Nakama, Photon, rolling your own etc