Create 3D Gaussian Splat Apps with the PlayCanvas Editor

Today, we are announcing 3D Gaussian Splat support in the PlayCanvas Editor. For the eagle-eyed, you may have noticed this functionality in the Editor for a while during an open beta phase. Well, now it’s ready for prime time.

So read all about it here:

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This is very well done, I will be using this, thank you!
I don’t have any experience with shaders but would like to remove the that red and gold colour or change it into something else. I couldn’t figure out in code what to change. Could you help in any way? Would be much appreciated!

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@Domagoj_Krajnovic You could try commenting out these lines at the bottom of carousel.js:

    // update camera bloom intensity
    if (this.timer <= 2.0) {
        const smoothStep = (x) => (x <= 0 || x >= 1) ? 0 : Math.sin(x * Math.PI); = smoothStep(this.timer * 0.5) * this.bloomIntensity;
// update camera bloom intensity = 0;


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