☑ Could not publish build


I got this error message while trying to publish

Can’t see anymore info than that I’m afraid.

  • Björn


This was caused by the script loading order list getting out of sync with the state of script asset preloads. (Scripts which are not preloaded should not be in the script asset list).

I’ve fixed this by flipping the preload setting on all those scripts so they were removed from the loading order list.

We’re working on a publishing fix today so this won’t prevent publishing. And a proper fix to ensure these don’t get out of sync in the future.


Thank you, I’m able to publish now. As always, support is great!

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Hi again Max

I get this error when loading in the console. Do you think it’s related?

This one means scripts are not marked as preloaded, or are not in script order list.
If they are in list and are marked as preload - it is possibly a bug, as it is not supposed to be in such state.

Quick workaround, untick and tick again the preload checkbox on scripts that have scripts definition you are missing.

Ok, thanks. I think the problem was that I had some scripts being used by components, but then I had unticked those scripted from being preloaded.

Yep. That is not crashing problem, just warning (expected possible behaviour).