CORS issue while fetching image url from firebase

Hi @yaustar @Leonidas @Albertos @mvaligursky
I’m fetching image url from firebase and it is giving error on both launch and deployed link. Sometimes it works fine and sometimes it throws error for few images randomly

Actually it changes the link of the image and redirects it, Is there any way to stop the redirection

@yak32 might know, but can you please provide more info here? What redirection do you see? From what you say, the texture is not an asset in PlayCanvas, but an image from your url … so where does the redirection take place?

The image url is in firebase. The above code is used to fetch that url and load the image to the image entity. Sometimes, it redirects the original link fetched from the firebase to storage google api
Original Link:
Redirected Link:

@Ayesha_Irfan just to rule this out as a test: have you tried hosting the image on an outside server, not on Firebase Storage?