Cooking fever style game

Hey everyone!

We’re testing the first alpha version of our game, and we’d love to hear your opinions/suggestions/comments. It’s a very early alpha so please, be kind :smiley:
Here is the PLAYCANVAS page so you can check how to play and so :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!


Cool game!! :smile:

Have you thought about doing something like this for localization:

    var localization = {
        newGame: {
            en: 'New Game',
            es: 'Nueva Partida',
            fr: 'Nouvelle Partie'
        nextLevel: {
            en: 'Continue',
            es: 'Continuar',
            fr: 'Continuer'

    var getLang = function () {
        var lang = 'en';
        if (navigator.language) {
            if (navigator.language.substring(0, 2) === 'fr') {
                lang = 'fr';
            if (navigator.language.substring(0, 2) === 'es') {
                lang = 'es';
        return lang;

    var getText = function (id) {
        var lang = getLang();
        return localization[id][lang];

Then you can just do:

    var newGameLocalized = getText('newGame');

In fact this is very useful for us. Thanks a lot, @will :slight_smile:

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We’ve published a new version with some new features, and improoved FX. Please let us know what you think! :smiley:


BTW @will we will prepare the localization when we finish this first alpha version :smiley: I think it’s we’re achieving a good result here :slight_smile:

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Finally, we did a brief tutorial. When you press MENU during game, you will see all possible combinations.

We are working on localization right now!!

Thanks again for all your feedback, is priceless for us!

EDIT: Only visible in Mobile versions, working on desktop right now!

For localisation you could use JSON type assets as well, so it is easier to manage.

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Hi guys!

We finally added localization to our game! :), we still have to finish the responsive view for desktop devices, but we’re almost done with that!