Converting multiple textures to sprites as once


I have like 100s of textures in my game, I want them to convert to sprites being able to use in spriteComponent. Is there any way I can do it using a code or maybe by multi-selecting all then converting them to texture?

Hmm, I don’t think there is an easy way to do it without:

  • Digging into the editor code in the browser to see what it does and if you could do the same in combination with the Editor API
  • Reupload the textures but have the assets tasks ‘Create Atlases’ enabled

Thanks, I have another Idea as well. What If I create 3D Screens inside my entities instead of creating a sprite and use image inside it, will it be good approach and not be performance or memory intensive thing?

You could just use the element component without the need for the screen (make sure it’s set to use the World Layer). Strictly speaking, sprites would be faster performance wise but only by a tiny bit