Converting .JSON to .FBX or similar


A few years back I worked on a small personal project using Playcanvas and various other 3d engines.

The 3D model used in these projects (which I paid to have produced) is no longer hosted online on the original file sharing site and my desktop was wiped clean about a year back. I desperately need this model and the only version of it is the .JSON version hosted in Playcanvas which is unusable outside of Playcanvas, has anyone had success converting the .JSON back to .FBX or anything similar?

All help is appreciated.

Many thanks

Hi @Barnaby_Hughes and welcome,

If your PlayCanvas project is still able to launch and load that JSON model, you may be able to recover its geometry. Materials/textures that may be harder though.

You can give Will’s gITF exporter a try, a work in progress:

Thanks for the quick reply, been trying to get it to work but not successful so far but going to keep cracking at it as I am hopeful