Converting First Person Controller to Third Person

So as of late I’ve needed to replace movement script. I thought, “Let’s use the fps script and make it third person! Har har har!” Well, I’ve got a problem. I copied it in to the game and I can’t figure out what I need to change that’ll make it orbit the player instead of what it was originally intended to do.

What kind of third person camera are you looking for? One that allows looks in the same direction as the player character? One where direction is controlled by the mouse or keyboard or a mix between the two?

@ayrin has a third person camera on one his projects.

You can also look at the orbit camera here and adapt that:

I need the camera to work like the one in Neverwinter. The camera orbits the player when you move the mouse and WASD moves the player, forward, back, and strafe.

The orbit camera I posted in my last reply can be adapted to a 3rd person camera quite nicely so I definitely use that as a base.

In terms of movement, you would need to work out what ‘forward’ for the player is in relation to the camera space which is usually done by doing a few cross products. camera.forward crossed with player.up should give you the ‘right’ vector strafe left and right. The player.up crossed with ‘right’ vector should give you ‘forward’ to move back and forward.