Convert Playcanvas to UE5

How would i go about converting a Playcanvas project to work with the UE5 editor? if that’s possible, it might turn out to be easier than converting trigo run into an exe… if i can turn trigo run into an UE5 project than i can just export it for multiple platforms easily

Hi @Kevin_Herod,

You can’t convert a PlayCanvas project to run in Unreal Engine. You will have to rebuild your project in UE.

Import your assets (models, textures, animations), setup the materials, reconstruct the scene and write the required logic in UE blueprints or C++.

All in all is a big task.

That said, you could add a WebView to Unity/UE and try to load the PlayCanvas app via that method.

Not sure if it is able to serve it without starting up some sort of proxy HTTP server though :thinking: