Conundrum - Solve anagrams. Fast!

I polished up an old game concept from years ago. Conundrum, solve a daily set of anagrams as fast as you can. A little bit Wordle-like, but with more pressure!


Love it! Finally made Genius. :nerd_face:

The words shown on the win screen don’t match what I actually picked though (wither in round 4 and creator in round 5).

Are you going to wrap it with Cordova and throw it on the App Store?

The game shows how poor my English is :smiley: It was hard!

Yeah - i need to tweak the behaviour if you guess a word that is not the specific one. Either fail and tell the player that’s a word, but not the right one (maybe a bonus 5 points for being close); or accept any word that words (like now) but update the final display to be the one you guessed.

The sad thing about word games is that they’re not great for a global audience :cry: