Controller, and mobile support for trigo run

i would like my game to be playable on a variety of different platforms. Like Xbox, PS4, and mobile and maybe some nintendo devices like the switch, but i want to start with the mobile controlles and Xbox before getting to that


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HELP ME pls?

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There are many users who need help and the help is limited, so please wait patiently.

What is the reason you use multiple accounts? This can be confusing for conversations here on the forum.

i use multiple accounts so when i create multiple topics it doesn’t look like its one person constantly askin =g for help, this may be a little cheeky but it kinda works :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:
soo also you said wait patiently, i’ve been waiting for 17 days and not a single view/reply

Below a project that demonstrates all touch events for a mobile controller. I hope it can help you on your way.