Control Key on Mac in Editor


This is a super small issue but minorly annoys me on a daily basis. Basically if you have an entity selected in the hierarchy, then use CTRL + TAB to change tabs, and then return to the Editor tab by clicking on the tab, the CTRL key will stay in a ‘down’ state in editor. If you click on any other entities in the hierarchy it will multi-select those entities, making me have to press either CMD or CTRL to unstick the key.

This is happening on a Macbook using Chrome, not sure if other devices/browsers are affected.

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Hi @BenUnbnd,

I can confirm this behavior in Firefox/Chrome in windows, indeed it’s a bit annoying :slight_smile:

Would you like to submit an issue on the editor repo about it?

This happens in edge as well.

Sure thing, it’s been posted: