Control Buttons Error


I am in the middle of creating a scene and I discovered when I launch it the arrow buttons were not working and I am not able to navigate through the scene. How do I fix this issue?

Are the arrow keys logically hooked up to anything in code?

No it does not seem like there s any codes. The arrow buttons used to allow me to walk in the scene but now just randomly stopped. Is it the website itself the issue?

Highly unlikely. Can you share a link to the project please?

Sure, this is the editor link,

I’m not sure I understand the problem here. There’s no code that moves the user in the scene with arrow keys or WASD. I’m not sure where the expectation of being able to navigate the scene has come from?

I meant that in the launch page this link
I am trying to walk through the scene by using the up and down arrows but they are not working. The wasd keys also do not allow me to move.

If you are in the editor, then you can control the movement of the camera, which is in the editor. If you start the scene, the camera that is available in the editor is deleted. To solve this problem, you need to add your camera on scene, and add to it the logic of rotation and movement using scripts.

How do you add the camera on scene and how do you add it by using scripts?

As an example, you can look at this tutorial:

So it seems I have to add an camera entity and add the script that is scene in the tutorial to it?