Contrast / brightness for texture in PC


is there a possibility to manipulate a loaded texture in PC in contrast /brightness and use a version-1 for a material slot and a version-2 of the map for another material slot?

…so that i dont have to load 2 maps, i make 2 different out of one and use them in 2 different material slots.

thanks for help!

Hi @tomes,

So, it isn’t possible to change on the fly the textures passed to material channels.

For that you need to override the respected shader chunk and write some GLSL to change the brightness and contrast.

There are some examples here on how to do this:

Contrast and brightness are usually simple to put in place:

	vec3 colorContrasted = (color) * contrast;
	vec3 bright = colorContrasted + vec3(brightness,brightness,brightness);

And maybe add a script attribute to control the values from your script in realtime.


thanks leonidas, i will pass that over to one who knows better programming than me.

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