Contract available: build prototype with PlayCanvas

[I gather that only PlayCanvas staff can post to the Jobs folder - this post is for a paying gig]


I have an idea that I would like to explore using PlayCanvas and am willing to pay to see a prototype get built.
If you know PlayCanvas and are interested, I have specs and graphics for you to evaluate.
In my estimation a knowledgeable script writer could produce something usable in about a week of concentrated effort, but if the results get a good response from my prospects then the collaboration would continue.

Basically, a framework scene gets loaded and populated with images and text driven by an XML file. The framework of the scene is always the same for a given visual style, but the number of images & the background graphics for the scene are different based on the contents of the XML file.

The results need to be visually attractively, but it’s a mostly technical contract - you’ll need to think cleanly about how to design scenes that are driven by data.

You’ll need experience with

  • Playcanvas
  • parsing XML
  • pulling images from web sources

Please contact me at if this is of interest.

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(an update, the project is now underway and we have enough development talent for the moment, thank you!)

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