I got this error on clear Windows 10, freshly installed.
I thought problem with video driver, but updates didn’t resolve the problem.

It happens with any scene, even flying island on

Videocard - Intel HD graphics.
I found this topic about WebGL compatibility with videocards and it says

On all operating systems, WebGL is disabled on:

The Intel Mobile 945 Express family of chipsets
NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5200

So is there a fallback for this exception or I should catch it?
And it’s so ridiculous that a lot of laptops can’t use WebGL.

What happens when you go to

OK, so it’s a problem with your system setup rather than PlayCanvas then. Did you try updating your drivers to latest version?

Yes, sure, just after Windows’ installing.

What is the best way to catch it?

From data available in some different sources, such as even year old stats from suggests that “not a lot” laptops can’t use WebGL.

If you’re laptop is using one the blacklisted GPUs then the only way to enable webgl is to modify the settings in Chrome.

Go to chrome://settings

And toggle this setting

Yes, thanks for this information, my own PC surely compare with WebGL.

I just wanna know, how I can fallback when it happens.

What do you mean by fallback? If you’re browser doesn’t support WebGL, then then pc.Application throws a ContextCreationError and your web page will have to handle.

So just try-catch it?