Consolidate forum and answers?

Content in forum and answers seems redundant.

I don’t agree, to be honest. The thing I like about the forum is that you can chat about anything, carry out long threads, go off topic, showcase your games and so on. Answers on the other hand is a database of problems and solutions. Yes, there is some overlap, but they’re still different. Perhaps there’s a question as to whether Answers should just be hosted on Stackoverflow for example, but I’m not sure. Perhaps we will experiment with that. But for the time being, I think we’ll continue with things as they are. Good to get your opinion on this though.


I’d kind of like to see Answers and the Forum merge too, actually. With the different ways you can tag a thread, it seems to me like it’d be simple enough to differentiate social from technical posts.

I might only want this, though, because the Forum looks so much nicer, visually, than Answers.

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We definitely conscious of the fact that answers, forums and now the devlog and comments are all covering similar ground.

We’d definitely be interested in the answer to this: should we direct answer-style questions to stack overflow or game

That would take a server off our hands and it would be a better more up-to-date application. But would the playcanvas questions get lost in the noise?


Well, there’s always the possibility of a post getting lost in the noise for any kind of question posed to such a large discussion board as StackExchange, but there’s also a possible tradeoff:

Tags will help differentiate PlayCanvas questions from other questions – though, having to filter for PlayCanvas posts might make some people feel less personally connected to the forum itself, if what they’re interested in is mostly just PlayCanvas. (I mean, it could. From the PlayCanvas main site, linking to something like seems just as easy as anything. So maybe a StackExchange Tag functions sorta like a subreddit, then…)

On the other hand, a PlayCanvas question whose problem has more to do with JavaScript in general could also get answers from the larger community.