Connection problems / Maintenance?

Hi there!

Latelly, we’ve been experiencing several problems trying to work with Playcanvas online, but not because of the engine itself; Sometimes it just breaks up and we have to wait several minutes (even hours) to wait for it to be up again. Not sure if that’s because of server maintenance (we are in Spain and maybe the maintenance schedule is set to our working scheule here) or why.

is there any solution that could help us to solve this issue?

We are very happy using playcanvas, and this connection/mantenance issues are a bit frutrating,

Thank you!


Sorry to hear about your connection problems. We haven’t had any downtime (scheduled or not) for longer than a few minutes, or even a few seconds for a long time. So I’m not sure it’s a simple as our maintenance schedule.

For the record we are based in London in the UK. Usually our updates occur during UK business hours and almost always result in no downtime. If an update will take longer than a few seconds we will announce the update in advance on our twitter feed. If the update takes longer than a few minutes we will usually announce this on the email list with at least 24 hours notice.

If you are having connection problems I encourage you to:

  1. Open the developer console on the page where you are encountering errors.
  2. Take a screenshot of any errors that are occurring
  3. Contact us on


Thank you Dave, Sure I will do so.


I’ve been stuck in this page for 30 min :frowning:

For the thread, I’ve continued this discussion in a private message.