Compressed texture cannot be loaded ios16.3 + aws s3 bucket


After I updated ios version from 15.5 from 16.3, compressed textures of aws s3 bucket self-hosted projects are cannot be loaded.

Below links were made to reproduce problem.

playcanvas project link
playcanvas published link

aws s3 public bucket link

Pc and android seems to don’t have same issue.
And even from iphone ios16.3, don’t have issue on playcanvas-hosted project.

So I guess my aws s3 bucket setting might have problem,
but my s3 bucket is nothing more than default except I added public access permission.

Hope someone could give me advice.
Thanks in advance!

Do you get any (error) logs / warnings in the javascript console on those devices in Safari?

it says “NetworkError: Load failed”

typically you get more details there from the browser, error code, reason or similar?

No, not at all unfortunately…

I’m just updating a phone to 16.3 now

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A quick test shows that Basis loads fine on and the launch tab so it seems specific to your hosted build/server

Yes, that is what I wrote…
Since my target region is Korea, loading from is pretty slower than self hosting from aws asia north east region, I hope to know what aws setting I am missing…

Not sure what is wrong to be honest, I’m looking at all the network requests from your server and they are returning 200s. It all seems to be loading ‘fine’ from the devtools in Safari. :thinking:

What’s weird is that if I override the engine file with a local version (dbg, min and the normal one), the basis texture loads fine.

So, I’m really confused here.

It doesn’t seem to be a server issue but more of the basis texture is failing to transcode or the basis wasm isn’t loading.

Can you try publishing and host with the latest engine 1.61 please? That has some changes to basis texture loading that might help?

New DOWNLOAD.ZIP with every engine version seems to work fine without the problem now!

I am so confused because I didnt change any aws setting, or my playcanvas project setting.
I just re-downloaded zip file and now it works,

But as all my former self-hosted projects still have same issue,
I have to re-download it all and re-self-host it again,

figured out something, it was not about aws bucket setting or playcanvas setting.

Using aws cli and [aws s3 sync ~~~] command causes the issue.

without using cli, uploading via aws management console(from webpage) manually solves problem.

such a mystery… why only ios16 iphone? what difference between aws cli and management console…?

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Uploaded via aws management console :
Uploaded via aws cli :

That’s really weird. I wonder if it changed the engine file on upload? But I would expect it not render anything at then :sweat_smile:

Thanks for reporting your findings!

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