Color tint on button?

Hello guys,

I have a minor problem and I’m not sure how to work out the math.

I have a Button with an image on it. Button image is blue (115,175,206,255). Im trying to use the hover, click and disabled color options. For my hover color, I need to get to (189,29,33,255). But right now, It gets to another color than specified, which let me think that the tint is added to current texture color (the blue). What are the math to find what color to use to get precisely to (189,29,33,255)?



If I am correct, then the tint should not contribute to the hover color. Whatever you put into the hover color will override any color the button has when you hover it with a mouse. How do you set your colors? And what do you mean, when you say “button image is blue”? Do you set it as a color property of the Button element?

Edit: Ok, I see you have added it as an image. Hmm.

So what Im getting, the resulting color, is not what I setup into hover tint, pressed tint, inactive tint, which make me think that the pixel color of the sprite is added.


This is the color I get when I mouse hover which is darker.

I think the easiest and fastest option for now in this case would be to have a different sprite for the different states and change the button to Sprite Change from Tint transition mode. Meanwhile, I will try to think of the math problem, if it is even possible with RGB values.

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So 2 choices here,

  • Get 4 sprites, one for each state
  • Or, have a white sprite with the button shape, and use the tints.

thanks for the support.

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