Collision objects scale

It’s really annoying to manually scale colission objects, especially since in most cases for me I just want them to adopt the scale. It would be great if this was a toggle or something.

My current workaround is this script, which allows me to just put it on an object and not worry about it, but of course in the scene view it will still be scaled wrong.

var AutoScaleBoxCollider = pc.createScript('autoScaleBoxCollider');

AutoScaleBoxCollider.prototype.initialize = function() {
    var scale = this.entity.getLocalScale();
    this.entity.collision.halfExtents = new pc.Vec3(scale.x/2, scale.y/2, scale.z/2);

The 4 helmets in this example are draggable objects, so I use colission to be able to do entity picking. I could scale the collision Half Extents by hand, but it would be tedious, and I would have to re-do it if I ever scale the helmets up or down.
My workaround works well for me, just annoying to have the collision boxes stick out so much by default