Collider of Slope Trouble


I want to make a slope for sliding the coin which is falled from the top.
But, collider in the slope model doesn’t work well…
Almost of coins fall through the slope.

I made a sample project below:

There are 3 slopes in the project.
Left one is the model which has same fbx as mesh collider.
Middle one is the model which has devided triangle mesh fbx as mesh collider.
Right one is box which made from primitive model of PlayCanvas.
Coin is cylinder which made from primitive model of PlayCanvas.
Click somewhere and fall coin.

Is it possible to make the slope collider in PlayCanvas?


I think that, by the time the coin has made contact with the slope, it is travelling fast enough to penetrate the static slope bodies.

I’m not sure what to suggest. Maybe try applying linear damping to the coin to reduce its acceleration as it falls.

Thank you ,@will.

Maybe, I found a trick for this trouble.
The Coin doesn’t fall through the slope, when the primitive box collider(outside the slopemodel) and mesh collider(in the slopemodel) overlap a little.

I will wait and see it is truth.