Collaboration: multiplayer 2D game

The project’s name is mayhem
Role Required: Programmer, Graphic designer
My Role: Game Developer
Max Team Size: 6
Project beta Time: 3 months
Compensation: 100 dollars per script, or graphic design
Project Description: 2D top-down multiplayer
open city game, cartoon style.

i could help

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If you can code and are good at it I’ll add you! :smiley:
I just need your username, and I’ll make you read/write or admin
whichever you prefer. If I make you admin PLEASE do NOT
annihilate my game. Thanks.

Its Mr.Gamer_Afton

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That didn’t work.


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Okay. I think I got you added.

your added

it doesnt show me as added

I added you. Check.

I think I can help if you still need someone

I probably won’t be as much help but I can still slightly help if your still looking

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i will help you free my username is same with this username

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Hey I just read your comment, I’m sorry it took me forever to respond I have a new account now and I’ll add you if you still are active and want to.

Yes, I can add you to the new project if that’s okay with you.