Coding A movement script

Im very new to playcanvas and i dont really know my way around, but i cant find a way to implement movement, i tried taking the code from a old playcanvas tutorial, i tried using that 3rd person controller but all of it didnt seem to work, if anyone knows how to help it would be very appreciated! even if i cant make my own sonic fangame i hope you guys have a very nice day

Why it’s not working? Not the result you are looking for or errors? The Third Person Controller tutorial project should be good for your use case. Just fork the project replace the model and modify the movement a bit.

when i did the camera bugged out and i couldnt see the player i tried to fix it but i couldnt figure out why

but its fine im gonna try on my own (im just saying i gave up on the forked project and i just gonna use my original sonic game)

Hi @Aydin_Lassiter

Quick question, are trying to make a first person movement script?

no im trying to make a 3d movement script, but any time i try to make the character move it just doesnt work, any script i try to use dont work

so just to move the entity with wasd