Coders and game designers wanted!

Hi you may have seen my last post about jobs. It has come to my attention that there was not enough detail, so I am retrying it! So here we go. Here is a little bit about ABANDONED… The player of the game’s best friend got killed mysteriously, and the player decides to investigate his friend’s house. He finds a clue that leads him to an abandoned Warehouse. He goes there to search and he finds a VR headset. He puts the VR headset on and immediatly sees a monster staring at him only a feet away, the monster screams and the player realizes the monster is real, and the VR headset isn’t a headset at all it is an advanced piece of tech. What do you do in the game? You are investigating a murder and trying to avoid monsters. You go in different abandoned places and try and figure out what these monsters are, who killed your best friend, and where did the monsters come from. I have 20 levels already thought of. JUST NEED SOME LONG TERM HELPERS with my game! I am willing if anyone could teach me JavaScript or how to make good 3D models. Thanks!

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